Reputation-based recruitment


Essteem answers the issues that many companies are facing: fragmented, expensive, inefficient recruitment processes, and the lack of adequacy of applications from job boards.


Post a rewarded recruitment mission on Essteem, and benefit from our referring members' professional networks and reputation.


Better profiles
Focus on relevant candidacies

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Pay at result
Forget about % of annual salary

Up to 90% less time to recruit, leveraging the power of mutual aid

Employer's reputation drives
active referrers and candidates to your talent pool

Anticipate recruitment
and internal mobility


Referral on Essteem

After candidates are referred, the best candidates will appear at the top of the shortlist, ranked not only on their core skills but on the reputation of their referrer(s).

Reward not only in money but in reputation. Ask to explore our different, flexible reward options.

For the first time, referrers can donate to a Nonprofit organization some of the money reward you offer, in addition of your own pledge to the Nonprofit of your choice.

more than recruitment


Boost your company’s reputation

According to Linkedin, 64.7% of professionals would turn down a job if they didn't know or disagreed with a company's mission, values and purpose.

Highlight your company's values on Essteem. Thanks to your solidarity with our Nonprofit partners, your employer’s branding recognition and reputation will increase. You activate a valuable pool of referrers around your brand.

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LEt's recap

- referrals are done by experts 

- referrers build a reputation over time which  adds to the uniqueness of the system

- referrers are primarily women in tech, in areas such as the North-east and California

- referrers earn money (up to $2000 per candidate placed) and give back 10 to 50% to a Nonprofit like Girls who code, Girl develop it, Women who code, or UN Women, some of Essteem's partners.

- companies who recruit through Essteem de facto position their employers branding as inclusive and attract around them another kind of talents who care about each other.

- pricing is very competitive

- HR people have nothing to do else than telling us what jobs they would like us to search.