Together, we can act against the gender pay gap

On April 10th, Essteem launches a Referral Contest to support our 4 selected Nonprofits for women empowerment: Girls who Code, Women who Code, Girl develop it, and UN Women. 

Earn up to $2000 & give 50% to a Nonprofit while helping a friend.

Our top referrers who donate and earn the most money win a title of Essteem Champion with special content created!

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How does it help to make up for the gap?

1 - Nonprofits that support Equal Pay will receive $1300 per recruitment.
2 - Referrers, mostly women, will directly earn up to $1000 per recruitment.
3 - Invite women in maternity leave to participate:  they can refer in turn, earn a bonus & stay in the loop.

To learn more about why this is important, see this article.

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