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Secret Session with Lauren Betters, Attorney @ Gender Equality Law Center

A bit more about our guest:
Lauren Betters is New York Civil Rights Attorney, working on Issues of Gender Justice.
At Gender Equality Law Center, she advocates for the rights of all individuals to be free of gender-based discrimination. With the belief that everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed economically, politically and creatively without the limitations imposed by gender stereotypes, we use strategic impact litigation, training, and education and non-litigation advocacy to ensure full access to a wide variety of benefits.

Secret Sessions opportunities for Equalithon participants, mentors and organizers to talk to inspiring and influencing people.

The format of these sessions is quite open. We envision them as structured in 2 parts:

  • in the first part, the guest can present her/him/zerself and talk about a topic that may inspire us - career, learning, adventure, life, etc.

  • in the second part, we can all ask questions about various topics ranging from personal experiences to professional issues in relation with our invitee’s expertise, or related to Equalithon challenges.