Essteem, the company that places women and male allies in tech, is organizing a hackathon dedicated to tackling issues related to gender inequality on April 13-14.

This event is designed to support Gender Equality and will focus on solving any kind of issues related to this theme. This is a contest among several teams, competing for sponsor prizes within a number of custom sponsor challenges.

The contest is hosted for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, and divided into two types of parts: hackathon and workathon. Each team is formed of 5 members max, who’ve registered for a specific challange during the first few hours after introduction. Each team may participate in any number of challenges. All final submissions should be sent by the 2 pm of the second day. If the team competes for any prize, they have to present their project in front of sponsors and other participants and ask all of the questions.

Participants of the hackathon should end up with nicely designed and at least minimally working app, serving to solve one of the problems of gender inequality in our society, such as an app for rating toxic companies or tool for validation and reporting toxic texts on social media.

Participants of the workathon are expected to come up with a well researched and detailed business plan of solving a non-technical problem within the head topic. For example, a plan of how to handle the situation with the toxic lead engineer inside the diverse team.

Everybody is eligible to participate in this event, however, we have a strict policy of following our Code of Conduct. Every person who violates this CoC, including organizers and sponsors, will be asked to leave.