If technology is designed mostly by the half of our population that’s male, we’re missing out the innovations, solutions, and creations that 50% of the population could bring.
— National Center for Women & Information Technology

Essteem is a mixed gender network. However,     it relies on a certain number of values and commitments. As a priority, the fight against gender inequalities in employment.


On Essteem, women members can directly help other women get jobs that are often reserved for men, and can help other women in needs with our Nonprofit partners.

Through your activity on Essteem, you complete and create a circle of Trust and Esteem around you.

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Essteem would like to invite women first as member of the network to develop a real supporting network based on trust and quality.

On Essteem, you can participate in referral recruitment which enhances your network. While helping someone get a job, you create a very strong relationship.

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To enhance your professional reputation on Essteem, submitting a female candidate for a job gives slightly more reputation points than proposing a male candidate. This incentive is designed to remind referrers that they should think of women when referring. However, what is essential on Essteem is the quality of a reference.

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It is statistically proven that balanced gender mix in companies is synonymous with growth and better performance. Essteem aims to raise its partners and members awareness about various inequalities between men and women; think of access to employment or wage levels.

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Provide financial support to NGOs dedicated to women's issues with the money earned on recruitment missions. Essteem is establishing partnerships with various Nonprofit Organizations whose vocation is to address issues that women face every day in the world.