AN Inclusive community That boosts your career

When you help someone on Essteem, she or he pledges to help you, someone else or a Nonprofit in return.


nonprofits partners We Support

Essteem is linking profit to social benefit. They inspire everyone to care for each other at work.
— Frédérique Bedos, The Humble Heroes

Who Benefits From Essteem?

We are Seniors, Juniors and Students in scientific fields, promoting gender equality. 

We share a common willingness to help and be inclusive.

Get donations and talk to people that hear you

Get support on projects requiring engineer skills and recruit for free through referrals

Get great hires cost effectively and faster

Solidify your talent pool of recognized talents that usually do the extra-mile to help others


A Mutual Aid Network

The link between technology and nonprofits is now job referral! Essteem invented a new way for its members to help others get better jobs. It's called "Smart referral". Members are paid up to $2000 by recruiters, and give back 10% to a Nonprofit partner they choose. Recruiters donate as well. 

During "Referral Contests" participants give back 50% to a Cause, instead of 10%. Winners are those who refer the most. Essteem can put them in touch with various leaders.

There is more than recruitment. We are a mutual aid network. You can directly help Nonprofits for short term projects; no strings attached. You can also participate and find teams for tech or engineering contests. All this makes Essteem a place where you get to truly know others, where you are recognized because you know your stuff, where you show the world that you care about others.

A place where being benevolent matters for your career.


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