Your frequent questions when doing referrals.


Your Referee may refuse to apply for this job, but will be able to refer in turn someone she/he knows. This constitutes a Chain.


All Referrers in a chain share the money if the Candidate at the end of the chain is recruited. If the Reward is $2000, and there are 10 Referrers, you still earn $200, of which we give a minimum of $20 to the partner Nonprofit you choose. 

There is no maximum of Referrers per Chain, so there is no way to predict how much you will earn as a Referrer. 

If the reward is $2000 and you are the only Referrer because your Referee (the person you refer) is interested by the opportunity, then you get $2000 of which we give $200 to the partner Nonprofit you choose (Donation).


Your reputation (or an average of the Referrers Essteem points) participates for 50% in the ranking of your candidate.
The more reputation you have, the more money you will give to nonprofits or keep for your career and family.

On Essteem your reputation is made of 2 sub-segments: "personal reputation" which depends on your donations (see below), and on various other inputs; "professional reputation" which depends on your skills. Your total reputation is a mix of both sub-segments.

All Referrers earn reputation - from 25 to 363 points (out of 10,000) depending on the feedback we receive from recruiters, other members, and in a lesser measure our matching algorithms. 

During a Referral Contest, you cannot loose reputation, as the goal is to invite a maximum of people (for whom the job makes sense) so that one can donate more to the Cause for which the Referral Contest was organised.

Outside of Referral Contests, you can loose a maximum of 200 (out of 10,000) reputation points if the person you recommend is not adapted to the job requirements. If the Candidate is not adapted to the job but may know someone, you can notify the system that you are inviting a Referrer, not a Candidate, and you will not lose reputation. 


The Donation is the amount that the Referrer donates to a Nonprofit Organization.

It equals to a minimum of 10% of what the Referrer earns on Essteem, no matter how much.

During a Referral Contest, it equals 50% of what the Referrer earns on Essteem, no matter how much.

It can be more, up to 100% of what the Referrer earns on Essteem. If the Referrer chooses to donate more than 10%, the Referrer will earn more reputation than if he/she had decided to keep the full 90% of the Reward he/she is entitled to.

The more the Referrer donates, the more he/she will earn "personal" reputation. Hence the more he/she has chances to earn more in the future, as most interactions including referring someone to a job are taking into account the level of reputation of someone.

For instance, if you earned $2000 as a Reward, you will have to pay at least $200 as a Seed. You choose the amount you will pay when you refer a candidate or a Referee to the Job.


The pledge is the pendant of the Donation, but for companies (Recruiters).

It is the amount that Recruiters have to donate in surplus of the Prize, at least 10%, to a Nonprofit partner of Essteem.

Recruiters can choose to donate more than 10% if they want, up to a maximum of 100% of the Prize.

In this configuration, a Recruiter paying a Prize of $3000 will have to pay a Pledge of $300, but could very well choose to attract Referrers with a higher Pledge so that Referrers are incentivized with a higher purpose than money to find a good Candidate.


Recruiters will not see your name as a referrer, unless the Candidate is selected to be recruited, in which case you will be notified. At that point the recruiter may get in touch with you to assess your referral.

By default, no one else than you can see your reputation note. Even recruiters.

However you can choose to show your reputation to others if you want to.
Essteem uses your reputation to rank several aspects of the referrals and many actions on Essteem.