Why women and their allies?


The essence of Essteem is to promote gender equality in tech jobs where women are disadvantaged.

We’re missing out the innovations, solutions, and creations that 50% of the population could bring.
— National Center for Women & Information Technology

Essteem supports women in the workplace because stats and facts show that women and men do not have equal opportunities.



What do I get?



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Be placed to the best workplaces for you, and get the right job in the right company.


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Connect and meet pros that have similar needs, or who can advise you. Promote your career with meaningful endorsements. Find partners to work with.


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Network with mutual aid in mind. Help Nonprofits on specific projects requiring your skills. Build your influence and enhance your professional reputation.

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I got aware of Essteem recently, and thought you might want to have a look too.
Based on an innovative idea for recruitment, Essteem is attempting to provide us with a way to refer and promote ourselves to managing positions. Doing this while supporting colleagues around us, and giving back to Nonprofits supporting the environment for women at work is really thoughtful of them.
— Sarah Baatout - BeSpace Personality of the Year 2017 - Head of Radiobiology, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre