A smart way
to leverage your reputation

The main way to build reputation on Essteem is through job referrals. As a member, help others be promoted and find a better place to work. In exchange, you get rewards in tangible reputation and money.



Recruiters give feedback.

Feedback is the first brick of your professional reputation. Reputation will then fluctuate with the quality of your referrals, mentoring and advice to others.

You are the only one to see or access it, unless you opt to share it. It is by default only used by the system to rank your referrals.


Manage your reputation.

Manage your reputation. The better your reputation, the higher your candidates appear on the lists that recruiters see, the more chances they have to be recruited.

In turn, the better your reputation, the more chances you have to earn money and reputation.


Essteem donates 10% to Nonprofits

Essteem donates 10% of your earnings to a Nonprofit of your choice.

If you were referred by a nonprofit, your first 10% are given to that Nonprofit. You can then choose another Nonprofit. 

The more you donate above 10%, the better reputation you get.


Be recognized and influenT

Become an influential person by actually changing the career and lives of your colleagues. You will earn:

  • Mentor badges after a certain amount of contacts are hired,
  • Champion badges after a certain amount of donations to Nonprofits,
  • and Advisor badges on certain skills after certain number of contacts appreciate your advice.