At Web Summit, Essteem Transforms the $200B Recruitment Market into a Sustainable Source of Funding for Nonprofits

Essteem presents its beta Marketplace at the occasion of its selection as an Alpha startup in Web Summit’s Alpha program 2017.

After only 3 months of existence,

  • the platform is created
  • Multi-billion dollars Engineering and Aerospace and Defense customers are testing in France;
  • 14 Nonprofit partnerships are in operation, from very large to small reputable organizations;
  • Essteem advocates for gender parity and is actively building communities of women engineers, engineers and other professionals happy to help each other for advice, mentoring, referrals and donations to Nonprofits.

Essteem is a new meaningful network that helps create a game changing virtuous cycle for professionals and nonprofits. 

Essteem is a mutual aid netowrk that pays its members to help each other, and orchestrates the transformation of the $200B recruitment market into a giant and sustainable pool of donations for Nonprofits.

On Essteem, members earn money from companies in need of hires by referring their contacts to a Job. Members give at least 10% to Nonprofits, while companies give also 10%.

Recruiters get the unique value of a pay-at-results, augmented referral system, while increasing their employer’s brand recognition and talent pools.




Web Summit is "The largest tech conference in the world" according to Inc magazine, the “Davos for geeks” acc. Bloomberg,  The conference is focused on the internet technology, attracts hundreds of investors, more than 2,000 journalists, and over 30,000 attendees from large companies and small tech companies.

The Alpha program is specifically designed for promising startups to present their products and services to an international audience of investors at the Web Summit conference. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity to pitch to top global Venture Capitalists (VC).


Meet Essteem at Web Summit 2017 to find out more,

Or ask for Hugh, CEO,

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