Easy way to get donations


Essteem answers the need for fundings from Nonprofits by transforming the recruitment market into a giant donation pool.


Essteem activates solidarity in professional circles through donations to nonprofit organizations.

Our recruiters and referrers are encouraged to make donations that appear in their public profile.

The more they give,  the more they gain reputation and the more they will in turn be trusted the next time they will refer someone.



A new flow of funding
for our partners only


Activate new pools of donors
Our members want to give!

Enroll new Talents for free
Find more volunteers & pay them in reputation

Get closer to your audiences
in new geographies


Bridge the gap to A large exposure

In the long term, our partnership provides Nonprofits with a great exposure to a wide and active public:

  • a massive community of referrers and referees, highly qualified employees, able to donate in one click and incentivized to do so.
  • a large number of recruiters, from modern, dynamic, and social enterprises - who donate to attract the best talents around them

You are a Nonprofit organization with a mission to help women or children? Essteem is for you. Our members are especially sensitive to these topics and are joining to be able to donate.