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As a partner, your non-profit can receive up to $1000 per placement. Donations are chosen by our members.  

Our members are always seeking volunteer opportunities to build their skill sets and give back to the community. As a partner, you will have access to this talent.

Our clients are encouraged to support the passions of our members through donations, partnerships, sponsorships, and volunteer opportunities.


Nonprofits, Bridge the gap to A large exposure!

Why Partner with Essteem?

Are you a non-profit organization with a mission to help women in their careers? Our members are passionate about empowering and advocating for the equality and advancement of women in the workplace and supporting their male allies. 

Join our non-profit partner program to:

  • Gain exposure among our global network of talented women, students, male allies, and inclusive companies.

  • Get donations for your non-profit. We donate a % of each placement to our non-profit partners

  • Access qualified tech talent for your non-profit

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