Be the trusted, influent colleague


Great careers need more than technical skills. In fact, success requires mutual aid and recognition of your peers. You'll find both on Essteem.


A great professional reputation will give you tangible payoffs, in the form of job offers, higher salaries and promotions, better project assignments, and professional security.


On Essteem, get equipped to show how great a professional you are while helping others.



Refer & build a 360

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Give better jobs to great talents
and show you know your stuff

Refer or be referred to a job!


Give to Nonprofits

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For the first time your career benefits from donating

Donate using bonus money!


Benefit even more

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Find partners for contests
Create groups for your projects

Show how skilled you are



What do Members get ?

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Promote your career with meaningful endorsements and reviews


Build your influence at work
by becoming the one that helped your peers 


           Get jobs and be seen as a leader by              great teams and companies


$2000 for a referral. Invest your earnings back in learning, socializing, or... keep them.


It's about Mutual Aid

Refer someone to a job. Or be referred. 

One of the fastest ways to build a strong reputation is to help others.

As a member, help others be promoted and find a better place to work. 

Referring a good candidate proves your skills for the same skills as those required by the job.