We are bridge builders.

We are a network with a purpose.

We connect the dots between communities and organizations that want to benefit from mutual aid. 


Our Mission

Essteem is the meaningful network where employees add purpose to their job by helping each other and by giving back to the community.

Essteem is the way for organizations to find great employees while giving back to the community and attracting great talents around their responsible footprint.

Essteem transforms recruitment into a gigantic pool of donations for Nonprofits. And promotes women into their work ecosystems.

Essteem is linking profit to social benefit. They inspire everyone to care for each other at work.
— Frederique Bedos, The Humble Heroes

What our members Are achieving

                     MUTUAL AID NETWORK                      Connecting & Mentoring

  • Become influent and recognized among your peers thanks to your referral
  • Trust companies and be trusted by companies because of our reputation system
  • Become a Mentor when you support and help people in their function or industry
  • Become an Essteem Ambassador when you get deals with partners (refer new business for Essteem and Essteem shares its profits)

                        MARKETPLACE                              Find the right job or help others find it

  • Help a colleague or a friend be referred to find a job, or find a job for yourself
  • Get jobs with a better employee - employer cultural fit, thanks to a perfect matching
  • Get money from the recruitment that you can re-invest
  • Add purpose to your job since a donation is associated with it



                     GET AND GIVE BACK                       Earn and donate

  • Improve your personal and professional life with the money you earn
  • Become a Nonprofit Champion: find Nonprofits with a purpose worth acting for, and get a supplement of reputation

You can also visit our French website: https://www.essteem.fr/

Do not forget to Google us with 2 "s"!

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