remote hackathon FOR GENDER EQUALITY

Essteem, the company that places women technologists and their male allies to companies that support gender equality, is organizing a remote hackathon dedicated to tackling issues related to gender inequality.

This event is designed to support Gender Equality and will focus on solving any kind of issues related to this theme. This is a contest among several teams, competing for sponsor prizes within a number of custom challenges.

Platinum sponsor

Top-of-mind, large financial platform.

To be announced by May 1rst.

Why participate?

A unique integrated approach to innovate toward workplace equality in technology:

  • Network with engineers and HR from NYC Metro area;

  • Get hiring opportunities from sponsor organizations;

  • Experience working on a team & crediting contributors;

  • Prove your ability to work remotely;

  • Explore a new technology stack;

  • Innovate and support Gender Equality!

General Information

Dates: Friday, May 24 to Friday, June 28.

  • Individual application: deadline on May 27.

  • Team application: Once you have applied individually, you will connect on slack to create teams, from May 23 to June 3.

The in-person opening event, where sponsors present challenges, will be held on May 24th at {Manhattan Downtown - location to be announced soon}.

The closing event (June 28) will be held at the same location.

Teams will receive their awards at that time.

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Participants will work in teams. Each team consists of 5 members max.

A number of challenges (link) will be presented at the hackathon. Each team may participate in any number of challenges.

Sponsors will provide expert mentors.

Communication with mentors, partners and organizers will be available via Slack channels (invitations will be sent to registered individuals). We encourage participants to use the channel as the main tool for communication with their team and other participants.

Active communication with mentors during the hacking month increases your team’s chances to win a challenge, and also increases your visibility with tech and HR teams that may recruit.


Sponsor challenges will be announced in May.

Essteem will propose up to 2 challenges for this Equalithon. One related to breaking the glass ceiling through reverse monitoring, and another is a new way to tackling harassment in the workplace through 1-1 or 1-x blind calls, in partnership with our partner Gender Equality Law Center.

These two challenges are stemming out of discussions held during Essteem events organized since November 2018.

Essteem networking events inspire new ideas; and hackathons implement these ideas.

Learn more about our Challenge Nonprofit partner:



All final submissions should be sent by 10 am EST, Thursday, June 27. Teams competing for a prize must present their project to the sponsors and fellow participants and answer any question that may be asked of the project submited.

Early submissions deadline: 6 pm EST, Friday, June 21. Teams who submit early will gain additional points during the judging process and have a higher chance to be selected as a winner for a challenge. A team may resubmit a solution for review any time before the hard deadline, giving up the early submission advantage.

Non-tech profiles welcome

The contest is divided in two workgroups: a hackathon and a workathon.

Participants of the hackathon should end up with a well-designed and at least minimally working app, addressing one or more of the problems of gender inequality in our society. Examples may include an app for rating toxic companies or tool for validation and reporting toxic texts on social media.

There are 130 places for the hackathon.

Participants in the workathon are expected to come up with a well researched and detailed business plan addressing a non-technical problem within the topic of gender equality. Examples may include a plan of how to handle a situation, such as a biased or harmful lead engineer on a diverse team. Non-tech participants can also support hackathon teams as would law, HR or social science consultants.

There are 20 places for the workathon.

Everybody is eligible to participate in this event. However we will strictly enforce our Code of Conduct (CoC). Any person who violates this CoC, including organizers and sponsors, will be asked to cease participation.

Any questions