We find the right company to hire you.

We place you, when you are ready.

We support your applications and advise you.

You dedicate your time being an expert.


A Mutual Aid Network

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More than recruitment: Essteem members can connect & meet.

  • Gain reputation, collaborating with other members for partner Nonprofits.

  • Get introduced to employees at your targeted hiring companies.

  • Endorse other members and get paid when they are hired.


Who Benefits From Essteem?

We are Seniors, Juniors and Students in scientific fields, promoting Gender Equality. 

Find a job or help for your professional career.

Solidify your talent pool of recognized talents that do the extra-mile to help others.

Build more mixed teams for better results.

Essteem donates up to $1000 for every job placement to Nonprofits.

Talk to people that hear you and get tech support on your projects.


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