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Essteem activates solidarity in professional circles through donations to nonprofits who in turn support the Gender equity cause - minimum $1000 per person placed.

Members choose to which partner Essteem donates.

Members can directly help Nonprofits for short term projects; no strings attached.

This enables them to work together and build up their reputation.

Although Some of the recruitment money is donated to nonprofits, recruiters are encouraged to make more donations or partnerships with your nonprofit to highlight their companies values and reputation.


Nonprofits, Bridge the gap to A large exposure!

You are a Nonprofit organization with a mission to help women or children? Essteem is for you. Our members are especially sensitive to these topics. 

In the long term, Essteem provides your organization with a great exposure to a wide and active public:

  • a massive community of highly qualified employees, directing Essteem donations to Nonprofits, and willing to donate time and tech skills for your projects.

  • a large number of recruiters, from modern, dynamic, and social enterprises - who donate to attract the best talents around them.


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